Israel arrests 14 Palestinians despite coronavirus lockdown

Israeli security forces arrest a Palestinian boy (Archive image)
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Israeli occupation forces arrested 14 Palestinians in the West Bank, from yesterday evening until dawn today, despite the complete lockdown in place to combat the coronavirus.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in a statement that six Palestinian citizens were arrested from several towns in the Hebron governorate. They were identified as Ibrahim Issa Shallalda, 23-years-old, Mohammed Jad Allah al-Salibi, who was a former prisoner in the Israeli jails, Ezzo Yousef Gaith, Rafe’a Raji Ghaith, Mansour al-Atrash, and Ashraf al-Atrash.

In Ya’bad town, in Jenin, three Palestinians were arrested: Kareem Kamal Abu Bakir, Antar Oqab Enfe’at, and the minor Basel Mohammed Atatra, who was arrested late yesterday. Meanwhile, two citizens from Beit Furik and Zwata, Nabuls District, were arrested, namely: Asif Mahfouz Nassara, 40, and Ahmed Hani Hamid.

The high school student Abdulrahman Mohammed Amer was also detained yesterday. Israeli forces also raided Bethlehem and arrested Hassan Ibrahim Fannon and Mohammed No’man Ghayaza.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club warned again of the continued arrest campaign in the West Bank despite coronavirus pandemic, as it may have dire consequences in jail.

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