Al Mezan: 73% of Gaza families are food insecure.

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At least 73 percent of families in Gaza are food insecure due to the 13-year Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights revealed yesterday.

According to the rights group, this number has recently increased from 70 to 73 percent due to the government measures related to coronavirus, in addition to the delay in paying the salaries of civil servants.

The rights group also confirmed that the dire situation has also caused a sharp decrease in the commercial activities, taking into consideration that thousands of Palestinian families on the Strip are currently living through abject poverty.

This has also affected the quality and quantity of food sought by families in the besieged Strip, according to the rights group.

At the end of the statement, Al Mezan warned that the current situation could have “disastrous consequences on the humanitarian situation” in the coastal enclave, calling on the international community to act “quickly”, end the Israeli siege and offer assistance to Gaza.

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