Palestinian Voices Staff

Abdalrahim Alfarra
Founder of Palestinian Voices

Abdalrahim is a Palestinian activist based in Gaza, photographer, writer and translator. He was born in Gaza, but moved early on to the United Arab Emirates, where he completed secondary school. In 2011, he and his family returned to Gaza, where he earned a degree from Al-Aqsa University in English language methodology. In 2014 he established a youth group named the "Development and Languages Club ," and in 2018 he founded "Palestinian Voices."

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Ahmed Shameya
Palestinian Voices Arabic Manager

Ahmed Shameya lives in Khanyounis, Gaza Strip. He was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to Gaza in 2000. He graduated from al-Aqsa University in Khanyounis, with a bachelor's degree in English Language Methedology. He joined Palestinian Voices staff from the very beginning in 2018. He began his activism to speak out for the Palestinian Cause in 2017 and now he's one of the most influencer in Social Media in Gaza.

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Mahmoud Ghanem
Public Relations Manager

Mahmoud was born in Gaza in 1996. Mahmoud is a parkour and freeruning athlete and member of PK Gaza. After studying English Language at al-Aqsa university, he volunteered at Widad Society for Community Rehabilitation, Knowledge and Research Liberary, and many other organisations. He then joined Palestinian Voices staff in 2018. Now he's the local Public Relations manager of Palestinian Voices.

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Bahaa Abu Shammala
Website designer and developer

Bahaa is a Palestinian activist based in the besieged Gaza Strip, journalist, writer, photographer, Wordpress and blogger developer and translator. He was born in Khan Younis camp for refugees. He joined Palestinian Voices in its very beginning as the Media Program Manager first. Now he established his own charity and working with Palestinian Voices as its website designer and developer.

Mariam Abo Rkhia
Media Program Manager

Mariam is a creative activist. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English language from al-Quds Open University. She volunteered at Herak Youth Centre and Irtikaa Youth Centre. She has joined Palestinian Voices in 2019, and in 2020 she became the Media Program Manager of Palestinian Voices.

Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Wilkinson is an English activist who began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator — from window design, to maps, magazines, cookbooks, children's fiction, educational textbooks and supportive learning material, to over 13 years with an international newspaper, where she moved into journalism and editing. She has been a supporter of Palestine for over 30 years, and a vocal pro-active campaigner since the First Intifada.