Fearing Backlash Over Medical Neglect, Israel Sends Palestinian Prisoner to Hospital

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The Israeli Prisons Service transferred today 58-year-old Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Adel Dawoud to the Afula Hospital after long months of medical negligence, according to Palestinian Prisoner’s Society.

Dawoud was jailed about 34 years ago. He has been serving a life sentence, and is one of the pro-Oslo Accords prisoners who has repeatedly been rejected to get released in several swap deals.

During his time in prison, he lost both of his parents and was barred from family visits several times under ‘security reasons.’

It is worth mentioning that more than 73 of the detainees who died in Israeli prisons since 1967 were tortured to death, 67 died after not receiving the needed medical treatment, 75 were shot to death after being captured, and seven were killed by Israeli army fire while in prison.

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